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Activities 2011-2012

Achievements of the department of physical education 2011-12

            After the formation of Krishna University, our college took the great responsibility of organizing the physical education activities on behalf of Krishna University. In the process, we organized three major tournaments namely cricket (zonal and inter-zonal), football, weightlifting, power lifting and best physique competitions for this academic year 2011-2012. The Department continues to organize intra-mural tournaments separately for the Intermediate, Degree and P.G. sections on departmental basis, which encouraged better and large scale participation of students in sports and games. 
            I am happy to place on record, since the inception of the university, in a span of 32 years of football team has won the trophy for 27 years and was runners up for 2 years. Hats off to the university ALC football team, which won the trophy this year also unbeaten for the last 17 years in succession. A word of appreciation to the team and the team captain Tenzin Lhawang (DEH-13), Tenzin Rabjor (DO-63), Phuntsak Nyima (DO-31), Tenzin Nyima (DO-28), Tenzin Wsoser (DO-43), Namdak (DO-45), Toshi (DO-34), Kunsong (DO-23), Lobsang (NO-27), Jampa (AO-37), Tashi Tsening (AO-35), Tashi Tsening (AO-40), Jample (AO-32), Yungdong (AO-39), Khechok (AO-46), Manoj (AO-49)

N.Bhanvani Prasad, II Year MCA won the gold medal in best physique in the 80 kg category and was adjudged Mr.Krishna 2012 at Krishna University. Inter-collegiate Best Physique championship held at Andhra Loyola College, on 5th & 6th January 2012.  Sai, II Year BA won the gold medal in best physique in the 85 kg category. Both N.Bhavani Prasad and Sai were selected to represent Krishna University in the All India Best Physique Competition to be held at Gurunanak Dev University to be held at Amirstar from 26th to 30 th January, 2012.
1.      D.Y.Varma, NCV-25 won the gold in Best Physique in the 70 kg category in the KIC competitions.
2.      M.Jayanth, DO-87, won bronze in Best Physique in 80 kg category.
3.      A.N.Aditya, DEC-31, won bronze in Best Physique in 60 kg category.
4.      Uday Kiran, AEC-30, won the silver medal in the 60 kg category.
5.      M.Srikanth, Do 57, won the bronze in Power Lifting in 83 kg category.
6.      Ch.Dileep Kumar, NP-69, won the silver medal in weightlifting in 105 kg
7.      D.Sanjay, DVC-10, won gold in 75 kg category
8.      L.Rajeswari, ASC-27, won gold in weightlifting of 48 kg and gold in power lifting of 57 kg. The first girl to be selected for power lifting competition for the Krishna University and to participate in the All India Inter-University Competition.

            ALC Hockey team won the second place in the KUIC Tournament held at SRR College, Vijayawada for the year 2011-2012. I would like to congratulate the captain and the team Jeevan DGH-03, John DGH-02, Neelam DGH-19, Aashik NGH-17, Manoj NGH-12, Roshan NGH-13, Ajit AGH-16, Amit AGH-17, Basant AO-02, Ajay AP-01, Sanjay AP-02, Libin AO-06, Manoj Lakra AO-49, Sandeep AO-04.

            Congratulations to the Cricket team which won the 2nd place in the KUIC Tournament for the year 2011-2012. Congrats to the captain and his team Prasana DCA-05, Siva Nageswar Rao NO-63, Basha NML-36, K.Srinivas NO-15, Sudhakar DO-86, Rajkumar DO-21, Sandeep AML-56, Feroz AP-03, Niteesh AO-02, Varma NO-18, Sagar III B.Sc, Sai III B.Sc, Joseph III B.A, Manikanta Reddy NET-05.

The following athletes won the prizes in KUIC athletic meet held at AG & SG College, Vuyyur
1.      Manikanta Reddy NET-05 won gold in javeline throw.
2.      M.Sagar Babu DO-20 won the silver in javeline throw.
3.      K.Vandu DB-14 won gold in triple jump and bronze in 100mts.
4.      Sagar Babu, Kotaiah, Srinivas, Gopinath members of the 4 x 100mts relay team won the bronze medal.
5.      Raja Sekhar III B.Sc won the bronze medal in the 1500mts.

For the first time in the history of Andhra Loyola College, the intermediate girls volleyball team was formed and they made the proud by winning
1.      2nd place in U-19 State Meet held at Khammam.
2.      2nd place in Pykka District Meet held at Movva.
3.      2nd place in Juniors State Meet held at Rangareddy District.
4.      4th place in the seniors State Meet at Rangareddy District.
5.      3rd place in the Women’s State held at Rangareddy District.
6.      2nd place and a cash amount of Rs.5000/- in a private tournament at Prakasam District.

Our college intermediate boys was also performed for the first time and achieved
1.      Baji – Mini Nationals, Under 17 School Nationals, Sub-Juniors, Juniors, Youth, Inter-Districts.
2.      Madhu – Sub-Juniors, Juniors, Seniors, Youth, Inter-Districts, Under 19 inter-districts.
3.      Ajay – Under 17, Under 19, Inter-districts, Sub-Juniors, Juniors, Youth.
4.      Raja – Under 17, Under 19, Inter-districts, Sub-Juniors.
5.      Abbas – Under 17. Under 19, Inter-Districts, Youth.
6.      Srinivas – Under 17, Under 19, Youth, Inter-Districts.
7.      Sri Kanth – Under 17, Inter-District, Youth.

Shuttle Badminton:
Our college shuttle badminton team won the 2nd place in the Krishna University tournament held at P.B Siddhartha Art College, Vijayawada. Congrats to the team consisting of K.Siva Theja NCV-04, Bhargava II MBA.

Our college basketball team won the 3rd place in the Krishna University inter-collegiate basketball tournament held at D.R College, Nuzvid. Congrats to the team captain P.Sri Harish Goud AO-07.

4 members of our college team namely Sudhakar DO-86, Rajkumar DO-21, Venu DOC-20, Sagar DO-20 represented the Krishna District softball team and won 1st place in the AP State Tournament held at Tirupati from 11th January to 14th January, 2012. Congrats to the team. Special mention must be made to M.Sudhakar DO-86 who was selected for Nationals meet to be held at Anatapur. If he performs well, there is a possible for him being selected for Indian Squad. He is also selected to captain the ANU softball team for the year 2011 – 2012. He has played 17 nationals till date. The college wishes him all the best in his future endeavors.

Ann Tresa Mathew NEM-21
1.      Represented Calicut District in the 44th Kerala State Rifle Shooting Championship and won 3 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze.
2.      Partcipated in Calicut District Rifle Shooting Championship and was the District Champion and also won 4 gold and 2 silver.

Aswin Vincent AOC-32
1.      Represented Calicut District in the 44th Kerala State Rifle Shooting Championship and won 3 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze.

G.Anjaneyulu RH-09 has won
1.      Gold medal in 62kg category in the State School Games Federation of Andhra Pradesh held at Kadapah.
2.      Represented Ap State in the nationals held at Delhi in the National School Games Federation of India.
University Representation:
I am very proud and happy to inform you that 20 of our students have been selected to represent Krishna University in the South Zone and All India Inter University Meets. Congrats to all. I will fail in my duty, if I don’t mention that the Loyola contingent is the largest to be selected from any single college in the entire Krishna University.
1.      Tashi Tsening – AO-40
2.      Lobsong Yoshi – NO-27 (Captain)
3.      Jamphel – DO-22
4.      Tenziv Yungdong – DO-39
5.      Manoj – DO-49
6.      Jampa – AO-37

1.      P.Ashik – NGH-17

Basket Ball:
1.      P.Sri Harish Goud – AO-07

1.      K.Siva Theja – NCV-04

Best Physique:
1.      N.Bhanvani Prasad – II MCA
2.      M.Sai – NET-15
3.      L.Rajeswari – ASC-27

1.      P.Siva Nagarjuna Rao – NO-63
2.      K.Srinivasa – NO-15
3.      K.Sandeep – AML-56
4.      G.Niteesh – AO-02

1.      A.Ajay Kumar – AEH-06
2.      D.Tirupati Rao – AET-08

Volley Ball:
1.      Y.Phaneedra Kumar – AO-32

Soft Ball:
1.      M.Sudhakar – ANU selected

Selected for Nationals

1.      Shahara Bhanu – TMC-77, participated in U-19 Volleyball Nationals at Madhya Pradesh.
2.      A.Nandini –TA-85, participated in U-19 Volleyball Pykka Nationals at Kolkatta.
3.      T.Jyothi – TA-88, participated in sub-juniors volleyball Nationals at Kerala.
4.      Ch.Swathi – TA-93, participated in U-19 Volleyball Nationals at Madhya Pradesh.

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