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Activities 2010-2011

Achievements of the department of physical education 2010-11
            The Department conducted the Acharya Nagarjuna University inter-collegiate North Zone Cricket tournament (October 15th to November 22th, 2010) for the year 2010-2011.  The Department also conducted the Acharya Nagarjuna University Inter-collegiate Cricket Central Zone Tournament from 22 to 24 October 2010. The Department  organized Acharya Nagarjuna University North Zone  general body meeting on 02 August 2010.
Our college organized the prestiges Hero Honda KARISHMA ZMR Cricket Tournament on 20-21, Jan.2011.
The Department continues to organize intra-mural tournaments separately for the Intermediate, Degree and P.G. sections on departmental basis, which encouraged better and large scale participation of students in sports and games. 
            ALC Hockey Team won the first place in the ANU inter-collegiate tournament held at SRR College on  07 Nov. 2010.  Congratulations to the Hockey Team: the Captain of the Team, Sanjit (DO 71), Sameer ( DML 59), Augustus (DO 73) Niroj (DO 72), Ishwar (DGH 16), John Baa (DGH 26), Madhusudhan Rao (DEH 09),  Jeveen Kuzur (NGH 02), Anmol (III B.Sc./DML 58), Abraham (III BA/DGH 25), Suman (III BA/DEH 23), John Topho (II BA/ngh 03) Neelam (II BA/ngh 19), Manoj (I BA/AGH 12), Roshan (I BA/AGH 13), Yogesh (II BA/NEH 18).  Kudos to the Hockey Team which maintained the first position for the last five years. Our sweep in the competitions is applauded by even our opponents.
Sai (DB 26) won the gold medal in best physique in the 85 kg category and was adjudged Mr.Nagarjuna 2010 at Acharya Nagarjuna University. Inter-collegiate Best Physique championship held at SRR College, on 7th September 2010.  Bhavani Prasad (First MCA) also won the gold medal in best physique in the 90 kg category. Mr.Sanji (III year/DBC 10) won the Bronze medal in the 80 KG Category and M.Jayanth (II Year/NO 87) also participated. Congrats to all of them Mr.Sai and Bhavani Prasad  won Gold Medal in the State Level Competition held at  Visakapatnam  and was selected for Federation Cup and also selected for South India to participate in all India to be held in February. They won Gold in the State Level Body Building competition held at NTR Stadium Gudivada. They are also selected for Jr.Nationals to be held at Mumbai on 29th January, 2011. Mr.M.Sai and Sanjay represented Achary Nagarjuna University  in the all India inter University best Physic Competition held at Kannur University Kerela from 10th  Nov. to 12th Nov. 2010. I am happy to place on record that M. Sai of III Year won 8th Position in the all India Inter University championship.
            With great pride I announce ALC team won first place in the ANUIC Soft Ball tournament and was adjudged outstanding team having beaten seven colleges. Kudos  to the Caption and team  Sudhakar (NO 86/II B.Com) Joseph (DEH 25/III BA), S.Ramakrishna (III B.Sc.), Srinivas (III B.Sc.) N Praveen (DEH 18), M.Praveen (DP 26), Sai (NC 69/II B.Sc), Vidya Sagar (DEC 26/III B.Sc), M Ravi Kumar (DOC 51/III B.Com), Ashok (NO 04/II B.Com), Ashok (III B.Com.) Manikanta Reddy (AET 05/I B.A) Rajeev (DEH 01/III BA). The team needs our special appreciation as it gave us the Second gold in this event for the second time.
            Congratulations to the Degree and Intermediate Cricket team which won the 2nd place in the Eenadu, KLU, Intercollegiate tournament held on December 13th 2010 at Siddhartha Medical College, Vijayawada . Kudos to the degree cricket team which won the 2nd place in the Hero Honda Karishma ZMR cricket tournament held on 20th to 21st Jan, 2011 at ALC grounds.
            Asha Jyothi (DOC 25) was declared the fastest women of Acharya Nagarjuna University Intercollegiate Athletic Championship. She also won a silver in the 200 Mts. In the Intercollegiate   Championship.
University Representation:
            I am very proud and happy to inform you that Eight  of our students have been selected to represent Acharya Nagarjuna University in the South Zone and All India Inter University Meets. Congrats to all. I will fail in my duty, if I don’t mention that the Loyola contingent is the largest to be selected from any single college in the entire ANU area.
1.Madhusudhan Rao (DEG 09/III BA)
Basket Ball
1.Jampa (DO 27/III B.Com)
Soft Ball
1.Sudhakar (NO 86/II B.Com)
2.Joseph (DEH 25/III BA)
3.Manikanta Reddy (AET 05/I BA)
Best Physique
1.M.Sai (DB 26/III B.Sc)
2.Sanjay (DVC 10/III B.Sc)
1.Vidya Sagar (DEC 26/III B.Sc)

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